Saturday, December 18, 2004

Back in the Honda!

Our Honda accord was just released from automobile prison--the collision repair shop!

Actually, I was happy to have a NEW car to ride around town. Even though it was a Hertz Kia, I never worried about my tire pressure, never questioned whether the oil needed to be changed or if the engine would fall out--nothing! I just filled her up and drove up and down the 101 worrying about other things, like all of the doggone projects we need to complete!

Since the accident, I've been all over Shawnelle like white on rice. She can't attempt to drive without me throwing a 'be careful' or 'slow down' her way. Oh well. If I get us into an accident, she can become the Old Naggin Hag, for now, I guess it's my job.

I'm really gonna miss the Kia's navigational system. As I neared my programmed destination(s), the automated voice would always pleasantly say:

"You have arrived."

Those three words are what a young filmmakers' dreams are made of.