Saturday, October 30, 2004

Bill Cosby and His Fellows

On Thursday night--thanks to our new friend Crescent--we were flying down the 405 for the Cosby Screenwriting Showcase. Okay, actually there's no way humanly possible to go above 40 mph down the 405 in 7:00 traffic, but we were doing our best.

It was wonderful to see so many talented writers' words brought to life by equally talented actors. Marcus W. Harris (an actor) was notably exceptional. We'll definitely be seeing more of him on the screen in the near future (other notable performances came from Jerome Anthony Hawkins, Lorenzo Callendar and Shani Bayete).

Among writers the Bay Area was well-represented. Shauna Robinson and P. Frank Williams are Oakland natives (Go Oakland!!!!) and Karen Dean hails from San Francisco. Shauna, P. Frank, Shawnelle and I took an 'all-Oakland' photo after the event. Hilarious!

The writing fellows had worked on their projects for several months and Thursday night's event was a culmination of efforts by the writers, established directors (Kasi Lemmons, Vondie Curtis Hall, and Mario Van Peebles) and the actors.

For any screenwriter looking to advance their writing career, fellowships are definitely the way to go!