Friday, October 22, 2004

Sharks and Shaun Robinson

"Shark Tale" has done surprisingly well at the box office. Three weeks at the top is a major achievement these days in spite of critics' attempts to sink it. Ty Burr of the Boston Globe blasted: "'s Finding Nemo gutted of all its charm and remixed for urban hit radio."

Though it was deemed "too urban" and "tolerant" by some adult movie goers, children across North America seem to enjoy life under the sea with Shark's Tale. This is great news for us and the "Adopted By Aliens" series. Girl power in children's programming hasn't lost it's steam either in the last few years. ABA is still trucking along in L.A....

Another item of note: I was watching the news this morning and saw a segment that featured Shaun Robinson of Access Hollywood fame. She is involved with the L.A. Chapter of The Black Adoption Festival and stated a very interesting fact: 40% of foster children in the system are African American. Very few of these children are ever adopted.

Those figures are pretty grim but many good people are working towards change. As some of you may know, the reality of african-american children in foster care inspired the character of Whitney and the Adopted by Aliens series. We thought: Can you imagine a child so overlooked by humans that aliens were approved to adopt her?

Ironic: A very sad premise for such an upbeat production.