Thursday, October 21, 2004

Adventures In Networking at "The Office"

Last Night:

After comparing penmanship on napkins at Starbucks, Shawnee, our roomate Rachel and I skipped over to The Office for a night of networking.

Trailblazing producer Jennifer Klein (Pearl Harbor) spoke to a room filled with mostly executive assistants about succeeding in the corporate side of the filmmaking industry.

The knowledge that we gained was truly an eye-opener! It's so easy to think of executive assistants as typical male tycoons in suits but it was interesting to find a great balance of very young, hip women and men working for major production studios, producers and talent agencies around town.

Jennifer Klein, her cool assistant Pooneh Zandazma; special guests, screenwriter Sheldon Turner and Brad--Head of Tyra Bank's production company all shared their insight as well as some rather funny backstories. They were also all very accesible and easygoing during the networking session near the end of the event.