Sunday, October 24, 2004

"I'd like to thank The Academy..."

Yesterday, Shawnelle and I headed over to the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences "Television's Challenges in Black, White and Multi-Color" for a day of panels and discussions about diversity in TV. It was a fabulous event that addressed the need for diversity in front of and behind the camera in prime-time television.

Me, Shawnee, at the Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre.

We ran into several creative folks that we knew from the 'festival circuit:' Directors, Tamika Lamison and Dred, Actress, Billie Jean Van Knight, Editors, Felicia D. Moore and Lillian Benson, Casting Director, Pamela M. Staton and other great people that we've had the pleasure of recently meeting. It's true, Hollywood is a very small community.

The panels featured many high-profile television exceutives and we were able to chat with a few afterwards including Carmen Smith VP of Talent Development Programs, ABC and Pearlena Igbokwe, Sr. VP for Showtime. We also talked with Valerie Woods, a fabulous screenwriter who shared some of her experiences with us.

Audiences are changing--and television has to change to keep up with audience demands. They're definitely making an effort. The event posed serious questions and garenered some serious answers.

Pretty good for the inaugural event!

Shawnelle at the event.