Tuesday, December 20, 2005


"Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet" French Proverb

Whitney waiting patiently in the hall.

ABA Update: We're looking at a mid-January premiere for Episode 4 now.

We handed out cards and shook hands at IndieLink. Highlights included meeting a sound designer from The Proud Family and a producer looking for short-form content for cell phones. We'll just shake it like a Polaroid picture and see what develops.

Wow, it's amazing how much effort it takes to sit in front of a computer and work at night.

What's getting me through it all? Theme Music. Current faves from The Playlist:

"Unbreakable" Alicia Keys (Unplugged)
"Lovin' It" Little Brother (The Minstrel Show)
"Angel" Pharrell (Skateboard P)
"Coin-Operated Boy" The Dresden Dolls (The Dresden Dolls)
"Last Call" Kanye West (College Dropout)