Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Empress' New Clothes

You haven't been formally introduced but Mrs. Arnetta J. Johnson, Principal of GWJJ Middle School, has been given a fashion makeover (of course she would argue that she didn't need one). The above photo is a sneak peek at The Resident Diva's new wardrobe designed by Chanel--okay, "Shawnelle" designed it but she's just as good and her name's pronounced the same.

This should be a really fun episode. Arnetta J. Johnson is a character among characters and so are those feisty Cash Twins, both of whom are being introduced in Episode 4.

Pray for us folks. We're gonna deliver this baby kicking and screaming.

"Push, push, breathe!"


Saturday, November 19, 2005

Rejuvenated in the Temple

Donnie delivers.

Not long ago we discovered the music of Motown recording artist Donnie. I'd seen the album cover for his 2003 debut and thought it was interesting but for some strange reason, I'd never picked it up and purchased it. I became an instant fan after hearing the song "Cloud 9" last year and Shawnelle proclaimed that if Donnie ever planned to perform anywhere near Los Angeles, we were going.

Well, he was at the Temple Bar last night and so were we--front row, center.

I can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate good music (especially great vocals!) and Donnie's voice is eerily reminiscent of the late, great Donny Hathaway, one of our faves. We aren't the only admirers of Donnie's work, Rahsaan Patterson and Rachelle Ferrell were in the audience--two great vocalists in their own right.

Donnie performed some new material as well as crowd faves from his album, The Colored Section. When he began "Cloud 9" the crowd went wild, he ended the night with a brief reprise of the song. We were a little disappointed that he didn't perform "Rocket Ship" as was one of his most devoted fans, an energetic young woman standing behind us.

Strumming our pain with her fingers, Amanda Dumas.

Amanda Dumas, who opened the show, is definitely one to watch. Pluicking away at the git' and singing songs about love, heartbreak and hope, her sound is somewhere between Avril Lavigne and Sheryl Crow.

In unrelated news, we're busy at work on a comedic feature and hoping to deliver a fourth episode by Christmas.

Shawnelle and I in our B-girl Stances.


Saturday, November 05, 2005

Girls in Capes

Poised for action: Shawnelle (l) as Super Woman with co-worker Amy as Wonder Woman.

Shawnee (l) as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and Jenn as the Runaway Bride from the Future.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love the idea of being someone else for the day but this year Halloween almost didn't happen for Shawnee and I. If it wasn't for me stuffing myself into a child's Super Woman costume--half the price people--I would've just been plain old me last weekend...been there, done that.

We ended up missing the first party we were supposed to attend, so when it came time to celebrate with my co-workers (for the last time as I left the job last week) I grabbed Dorothy (Shawnee) and my co-worker pal Jenn and we followed the yellow brick road to Woodland Hills for the festivities. While there we all got a kick out of seeing Amy walk through the door as another caped crusader, nibbled delicious snacks provided by hostess Siv and even got a short-lived cha-cha line going through the place. I'm gonna miss being there! The afterparty included Shawnee, Jenn and I heading to a nearby club and listening to Karaoke all night. We would've all brought the house down with song ourselves if they didn't close the joint at 12:30. Next time gadget...Next time....

Even though I thought Shawnee's costume was adorable, she also got a chance to get her hero on a few days later. Who can resist being Super for a day!


Shawnee reinventing the Superwoman look at BMP party with friend Chas.