Sunday, March 01, 2015

Comic Book Resources Reviews "Fashion Forward" for Month of African American Comics

Check out Comic Book Resource's review of our series "Fashion Forward" (Books 1 through 3) below!

Every February in honor of Black History Month, Comic Book Resource's Comics Should Be Good blog profiles African American comic creators and Shawnelle and I were recently featured for FF.

(Fashion Forward Books 1 - 3, Interior Art: Linda Chung, Covers: JM Tolman (Books 1 & 2) and Adam Fay (Book 3)

Writer Brian Cronin writes:

""The Gibbs sisters have come up with one charming comic book adventure here, with a compelling lead character, a great setting (the fashion world is nuts!) and a catchy (and wacky) premise. They use time travel to keep the story constantly fresh, as just when you think things are settled, the time travel throws things out of whack."

Reed more at Comic Book Resources:

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