Tuesday, October 21, 2014

When Writing Is Rewarding - Ladies Night Edition

Sometimes writing can feel very isolating and challenging (even when you're doing it with your sister!). The actual process of it comes without the fun, accolades and community that say, hanging out on a Friday night with friends can bring.

And then there are times when the writing brings fun, accolades and community right to your doorstep. This fall, we've had it occur twice and are excited to share some snapshots from our recent writing escapades.

Lady Filmmaker's Film Festival, Beverly Hills - Script Finalist - PrePuptial Agreement

Shawnee and I were beyond honored to have our short screenplay, PrePuptial Agreement, reach the finals of this historic film festival and also be staged before a live audience. The play was directed by the legendary Romell Foster-Owens and features remarkable, new talents Ary Katz and Gladys Nyoth as the leads.

PrePuptial Agreement, a comedy centering around a newly dissolved couple struggling to come to an agreement about who keeps their Pomeranian, Chubb Rock, was so fun to write and watch come to life at the festival. Shout out to Shawnee's awesome guy, Taiwo Heard, for getting iPhone footage that can be seen HERE. Please enjoy.

Ladies Night Anthology Vol. 2: Death & Prom - Short Story - Good Mourning Jacob

In September, we were absolutely beside ourselves when our short story, Good Mourning, Jacob about a funeral singer and her biggest fan debuted in the second volume of LNA, published by Graham Cracker Comics based in Chicago. As many of you guys know, creating comics is becoming an increasing passion of ours and we are so fortunate that LNA put the resources in place for women like us to be heard. Learn more about the organization and feel free to purchase a copy for yourself HERE.


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