Friday, July 06, 2012

Fashion Forward Comic Featured in Twins Magazine

Our new webcomic, Fashion Forward, is featured in the latest edition of Twins magazine. Read the article below!
Twin Sisters Launch Fashion Forward: Webcomic
(Twins Magazine, June / July 2012)

Comics and Fashion have had very long and very separate histories in the art world, but this summer, a pair of Los Angeles based writers and twin sisters are bridging them together for a first: a fashion based webcomic. Not since Marvel's Millie The Model (which began in the 1940's and ran for a record 28 years) has there been such a bold attempt.  

Debuting on Friday June 1st, the webcomic, Fashion Forward, follows the incredible adventures of New York Fashion Assistant Sam Tate, as she navigates the cutthroat world of couture and the ever-changing landscape of technological innovation.

Shawnee Gibbs and Shawnelle Gibbs created the series out of a desire to see more fun, adventure-driven female stories in comics. The sisters, who make a living in television, tapped their own backgrounds as inspiration for Fashion Forward. Shawnelle used her fashion expertise as a producer for shows such as the Emmy Winning Project Runway and NBC's new hit Fashion Star. Shawnee, who's worked on Disney's Emmy Award winning Wizards of Waverly Place, put her background to work with her sister to help shape a compelling story for audiences of all ages.

The sisters paired with Linda Chung, a talented young San Francisco-based artist to illustrate the story. Linda's bold and vivid illustrations help New York City and its occupants come alive in a striking way.

Fashion Forward: A Webcomic premiered Friday, June 1st at and updates every Friday.

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