Sunday, May 13, 2012

"Fashion Forward" Webcomic Premieres June 1st

"Fashion Forward" is a project conceived about two years ago, and has taken several forms in its short life span.

Shawnelle and I initially wrote the story as a screenplay. The screenplay was so visual and so much fun we knew it would make an excellent graphic novel. We set about adapting the screenplay pages to a comic book script and began a search for artists.

The stars aligned and we found our illustrator, Linda Chung, a sensational artist from Southern Cali who's artwork was absolutely perfect for the story.

Earlier this year, we realized "Fashion Forward" could also be pretty darn cool as a webcomic. Readers could discover what's been keeping us busy (and cracking us up) this last past year and receive regular updates every Friday.

And thus, the idea of the webcomic was born...and now it has a birthdate: June 1st, 2012.

So, we invite you to read about the funny and fascinating 7th Avenue adventures of Sam Tate, an assistant fashion designer who ends up further ahead of the trends than she ever imagined.

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