Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tales From The Workroom...

Shy, African boy. [Character Design: Brittnie Bruner. Property of Ener Entertainment].

Just in case you thought we went on extended vacation in the mysterious mountains of Planet Z....

We're still breathing and working....and working....and working some more!

Here's some conceptual art from the latest project--a short we've been commissioned to direct--which takes place in an African Village and is a wonderful piece with not only a great message, but an awesome cast and crew powering it!

We're over the moon about the progress and will keep the blog buzzing with updates as we have more to share in the coming months. Moving into physical animation production this week and while we could complain about all the work...the new year has been pretty kind to your Gibbs friends. We hope you're finding the time and space to appreciate and enjoy your blessings, too!