Saturday, February 10, 2007

Our New Animated Short: "Old Ladies Driving"

An idea struck me this past summer about the adventures of two old ladies who drove around in a big cadillac, inadvertently causing mischief wherever they went. As youngsters, Shawnelle and I grew up around our grandmother and her friends who drove those big 60s and 70s era cars. From the back seat of these massive vehicles, we soaked up the wisdom and conversations of Old Ladies Driving, which is the title of our newest piece.

(Ruth Anne and Erma, our Old Ladies Driving)

Of course, the new short is pretty wacky and not based on any real experiences but it's kind of an homage to our childhood, in a way.

We initially thought we might create the project with sock puppets and rushed out to craft stores to buy materials (months ago) that are still sitting in their bags, untouched to this very day. We'll do something with 'em soon--I hope--because that stuff wasn't cheap.

Shawnelle and I voiced the characters ourselves and opted to record the sound at home, which was almost a major disaster. But as it always happens when you're determined, things turned out pretty darn good.

Old Ladies Driving is for an older audience than Adopted By Aliens because we like to create diverse work and challenge ourselves, so this one is for the 13 and overs.

We invite you to check out Old Ladies Driving on Youtube and let us know what you think!