Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Keyframe Online...and Updates

Just recently discovered that Adopted By Aliens is featured on Keyframe Online, a great animation resource and database founded by a Canadian artist named Athena Cooper. Check out the Adopted By Aliens page and rate the series if you'd like. Keyframe Online features a growing number of cartoons from the web, film and television. It has everything from Pixar's Cars to The Smurfs, one of our childhood favorites. There's even a page for Shawnelle and I.

Episode Update:

(Still from Episode 5: Malik, Whitney and Sondra in trouble)

Episode 5 wanted me to personally tell you all that it is not ready for it's close up and refuses to be seen on June 30th. It will however, be ready and gorgeous in early July. I tried to convince it to come out on Friday but you know how episodes are, they want to look their best. So I won't argue but I will tell you this one is a doozie. There's action, adventure and Tupac and Biggie!

Stay tooned!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Time Off

So I'm taking some time off from work to help us finish up our final two Adopted By Aliens episodes. Anyone who slaves at a computer for hours upon hours knows how dreadful a task this can be...I find myself taking frequent work breaks to do stuff like create the above image. Hey, Shawnelle, at least it's something! ;)

In order to curb my procrastination habits (and give you, our ABA family, a new ep) I'm going to pronounce June 30th the birthdate of Episode 5! Hey, Episode 5 is going to be Cancerian, just like us! Aw, how sweet.

I'd better stop yapping and get cracking! This baby is due soon!