Friday, October 07, 2005

Spades anyone?

After emerging from the fires unscathed last weekend (they've been extinguished) we learned how to play the old card game, Spades, at a Spades party. Shawnelle and I have never been serious card people--but we play a mean game of "Speed" if anyone ever wants to challenge us.

Our first game of Spades was a tragic one! We were playing the wrong cards, making the wrong bids and just fumbling through like the amateurs we were. But after some coaching and careful observation, we were the hottest pair to ever play the game (so I'm exaggerating a little...). We were actually really good and took down several seasoned players.

Maybe we'll play more spades later tonight ...

On another note, we recently created a short reel of our animated work. Check it out. The demo includes work from Ravishing Raspberry and Adopted By Aliens. I think Herman Kelly's classic, Dance To The Drummer's Beat, added just the right touch to the visuals.

-- Nee