Friday, October 14, 2005

Chatting with Gigi

This morning Shawnelle and I drove into Hollywood to be guests of local talk show host, Gigi Iam, for the Gigi Inc Show. Today's focus was on filmmakers, so when we walked into the green room we were instantly comforted seeing Alison Mills Newman and Michael Marks, filmmakers that we've met on the festival circuit. In addition to the two filmmakers, actor, Richard Chew and singer, Naomi, were also lounging in the room. We talked about everything from politics to disco queens in that green room--what an interesting bunch of conversations!

Host, Gigi Iam.

L to R: Michael Marks, Richard Chew, Shawnee, Shawnelle and Naomi

The actual taping went very smoothly. Gigi showed a clip from Adopted By Aliens and we hammed it up a little about our work and discussed our future goals. Unfortunately, the broadcast won't air in the valley, so we won't get a chance to see it 'live' but we will have our DVDs and our memories...(*sigh*)


Monday, October 10, 2005

Leimert Park

Crescent, Shawnelle, Chavon and Shawnee

This photo was taken Friday night during one of our increasingly frequent visits to Leimert Park. Leimert Park is the only place in LA that reminds me of the artistic scene in the Oakland/Berkeley area. Lucy Florence Coffee House, the place we're huddled together in (it's actually pretty big), is the spot multiple nights of the week. On this particular night, we played games and socialized 'til the wee hours of the morning. Our girl Cres-Diggity (left) even got to bless the mic with a poem at a nearby hip-hop open mic session. Fierce!

Good News about ABA: We'll be interviewed later this week on a cable-access show called Gigi, Inc. We'll be discussing Adopted by Aliens and some of our other projects. We should even get to show clips. The show airs in the greater Los Angeles area. More later.

We are working hard to get episode four in the can while trying to complete our second feature length script. It'll take some serious work but come Christmas time, we're looking to have projects "wrapped" and under the tree.


Friday, October 07, 2005

Spades anyone?

After emerging from the fires unscathed last weekend (they've been extinguished) we learned how to play the old card game, Spades, at a Spades party. Shawnelle and I have never been serious card people--but we play a mean game of "Speed" if anyone ever wants to challenge us.

Our first game of Spades was a tragic one! We were playing the wrong cards, making the wrong bids and just fumbling through like the amateurs we were. But after some coaching and careful observation, we were the hottest pair to ever play the game (so I'm exaggerating a little...). We were actually really good and took down several seasoned players.

Maybe we'll play more spades later tonight ...

On another note, we recently created a short reel of our animated work. Check it out. The demo includes work from Ravishing Raspberry and Adopted By Aliens. I think Herman Kelly's classic, Dance To The Drummer's Beat, added just the right touch to the visuals.

-- Nee