Sunday, August 14, 2005

"Take Me To Another Place"

Back when we were young-ins (during the 90's) a group by the name of Arrested Development sang an extremely popular ode to the state of Tennessee. Now "Adopted by Aliens" is taking its own journey to "TN" (<--Look Trey Fury) to screen in the Knoxville African American Film Festival.

While I can't say that I've ever visited the city of Knoxville, I'd like to think that ABA episodes one and two will represent well for us with the kids and families in the area.

Shawnee joined me in the Bay Area this weekend for a fun-filled extravaganza that included, sadly, a much anticipated party that ended tragically in Oakland on Saturday. The party itself was on life support by the stroke of midnight... : (

Later today after visiting some old friends, fam and giving my grandmother some "sugar," we'll be taking a trip of our own back to SoCal.

Until Next Time,