Saturday, June 18, 2005

A New 'WB' Studio in Oakland?

My mom called and told me about this before it was news. Just saw this on IMDB:

Wayans Brothers Plan Oakland Theme Park and Movie Studio

Comedian brothers Keenen Ivory Wayans, Damon Wayans, Shawn Wayans and Marlon Wayans have hatched plans to open a theme park and movie studio on the site of California's old Oakland Army Base. The site has sat vacant for almost the entire eight years since the military moved out. And now a plan recently endorsed by the Community And Economic Development Committee will allow Oakland to negotiate exclusively for a year with the Wayans brothers. Keenen Ivory says, "We see Oakland as a sleeping giant. We want to get in early before everyone realizes how great it is." A representative for the family says the brothers are "very, very serious" about transforming the site into a movie studio surrounded by attractions, shops and a hotel. It is widely believed that the project will potentially restore residents' pride in the city and reduce poverty and crime.


The Wayans brothers are very saavy businessmen and a true inspiration to Shawnee and I (The Gibbs Sisters) ; D. Oakland has been a virtually untapped resource for the film industry for years. I was but a wee intern at the Oakland Film Commission when there was talk of the Wachowski brothers filming scenes for the Matrix series in Oakland. But we've been marvelling at our city on film for years: The Principal, Poetic Justice, Made In America, True Crime and that 70's classic The Mack come to mind.

Go Oakland!!!


Monday, June 06, 2005

Week(s) In Review: Funny Fellas, Intellectual Guys and Cute Kids

Rodney Perry, a funny & intelligent guy.

Skip this if you're looking to hear crazy dating stories. Just a little review of some spots and events we've attended in the last couple of weeks.

First up: Friday Night at the Comedy Union

Not since Def Comedy Jam have I laughed like I laughed in this place. For $10 and a 2 drink minimum (read: $25) I chuckled until I literally drooled during the stand-up performances of host Rodney Perry and the gang of comedians that took the stage...And no I am not on any heavy medications...Those dudes were just hilarious!!!

Second Up: The FlyPoet Showcase

One true standout for me and his name is Ise Lyfe. I've heard this kid around town when I was in Oakland (the place we both call "home") but what he did with words on that LA stage left me absolutely breathless. He was the only poet that night to receive a standing O--even Malcom Jamal Warner (who closed the night) didn't do that. It was only right that I dug into my pockets (deep I might add) at the end of the show to purchase his $10 CD.

Urban Kidz Film Festival

It was such a nice feeling to take our two little cousins Ashley & Kayla along for the ride at The Urban Kidz festival. We laughed and giggled at the various short films that were screened and Kayla got to see ABA Episode 1 for the first time. Nobody got to see Episode 2, however, as a projector issue prevented it from being accessible from the DVD menu. Two lessons learned: Ashley hates to loose raffles. Purple Fur Coats are cool.